3d meso threads

08.08.2015 0 By symphony

3D-meso threads technology is a modern unique technique for the face skin reinforcing. In contrast to the traditional techniques, 3D-meso threads machinery involves the innovative device for direct introduction of reinforcing filaments in skin tissue.
This technique is suitable for the face, neck, chest, abdomen, buttocks, legs and arms. With meso threads one can remove wrinkles, nasolabial and forehead folds, align and tighten the skin, improve the shape of the face as a whole. The rejuvenating effect is visible after one treatment. Later, after about two months, the effect becomes even more pronounced, as the connective tissue forms a natural support frame.

Device features

Device for the reinforcement involves the meso thread Lead Fine Lift 3D-technology and has special needle guide which is significantly different from the traditional needle-spoke. Thanking to its unique technology, the use of needle guide does not injure tissue. Device does not make a cut in the skin. Anesthesia is allowed during the procedure, making it painless. The spots of the introducing the needles into the skin heals enough quickly, leaving no traces and scars.

Needle guide

This needle is not bend and does not break during the procedure. Meso threads quickly detaching off the needle guide after introduction into the tissue. The uniqueness of the injection needle is not only its ability to lift the tissues, but also to create 3D-modeling, which ensures high-quality skin correcting relief, and not for only small but also for medium and deep wrinkles and folds. The lengths of the injection needle might be 25, 40 and 60mm depending on need.

Meso threads

Using a needle guide, meso threads of synthetic fiber polydioxanone are introduced deeply into the skin tissues. Meso threads are covered by polyglycolic acid. LeadFineLift meso threads have a high level of elasticity that allows combining their effects precisely, when multiple threads are introduced within the same area, due to which the maximum effect achievable. Frame resulting from meso threadse actions gently and naturally integrates into the skin tissue. Later meso threads undergo hydrolytic degradation, transforming into carbon dioxide and water. They retain the strength properties of up to 80 days, and then slowly begin to dissolve. During the 240 days until resorption fibers occur around them forming a natural frame consisting of young connective tissue. It is due to this effect rejuvenation is achieved.

Combining 3D-meso threads with other techniques

Combining of different techniques sometimes bring more tangible and more prompt results. For example, 3D-meso threads can easily verify this clause. In particular, the use of fillers in conjunction with Lead Fine Lift meso threads can open the whole range of opportunities in aesthetic surgery. In this case, 3D-meso threads overlap the relief drops in the middle and deep layers of the skin tissue. At the same time fillers eliminate minor relief violations. This is a short and cost-effective procedure that gives a stunning effect almost instantly.
Similarly meso threads can be combined with RF lifting, which is held in two or three weeks after meso threads introduction into skin tissue. RF face-lifting greatly enhances the effectiveness of LeadFineLift meso threads in the deeper skin layers. Just after four weeks, you can use any hardware techniques of skin rejuvenation in the complex. Achieving maximum results will need an enough short time.