Comprehensive diagnostics with SensitivE Audit (Biohaking)

17.11.2020 0 By symphony
Comprehensive diagnostics with SensitivE Audit (Biohaking)

Comprehensive diagnostics made by the SensitivE Audit hardware-software complex. It works with the help of frequency-wave imprinting method. (Learn more: Frequency-wave imprinting)

This method (Frequency-wave imprinting and biomagnetic resonance) allows recognizing diseases before any symptoms appear.
SensitivE Audit devices include an integrated biofeedback system.

SensitivE Audit health level assessment devices are the premium segment in the range of SensitivE diagnostic tools. The device uses the advanced LifeStream® program and is able to run complete diagnostics of a human body in a short space of time, without any harm to health. It was inspired by cutting-edge high-speed technologies and has been globally recognized by the scientific community.

The device can:

  • check all the body systems and give a rapid assessment of health status;
  • identify hidden allergens and the degree of toxic effects of food additives;
  • specify the organ with a malignant process underway;
  • find the right medication and the most suitable dosage;
  • advise on a restore sequence;
  • carry out a comparative analysis after recovery;
  • identify pathogenic flora;
  • show the energy field state and adjust it;

and much more