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Matrix RF represents a new fractionated device based on the RF (radio frequency) power and adapted for skin rejuvenation by fractional skin correction and reducing wrinkles. This device led RF facial lifting to an entirely new level in the modern aesthetic medicine. Modern medicine considers appropriate use of RF-lifting technology for non-ablative skin lift by volumetric heating the deep layers of the dermis. Matrix- RF applicator is the “gold standard” in rejuvenation and the first RF-applicator (without using a laser and light energy) capable of producing ablation/coagulation/necrosis and update of the skin surface. Matrix-RF applicator is capable of supplying RF-power on the skin surface, followed by fractional ablation of the epidermis and can cause dermis coagulation/necrosis or sub-necrosis with minimal impact on the neighboring areas of the skin, which begin the recovery process, and accelerate the healing of the treated area. The device has an adjustable, controlled action, since it is possible to control the ratio of the effects of ablation/coagulation/necrosis, deep of ablation zones and coagulation beyond the surrounding tissue, in accordance with the objectives of the procedure, medical conditions and the characteristics of the treated skin area. Clinical trials of Matrix-RF applicator clearly confirm the safety and efficacy of the device to update the surface of the skin (face grinding) and skin rejuvenation as a whole (lifting). More than 90% of patients are completely happy with the procedure.

Matrix-RF has an advantage of uneven fractional effect on the skin surface under treatment, which is achieved by means of the applicator tip with a plurality of electrodes, and also due to the special technique of application: dry skin is processed without additional cooling. RF-energy passes through the skin between the rows of electrodes, and thus the greatest volume and depth effects are achieved at the points of direct contact between the electrode and the skin. Different energy density in the path of RF-energy leads to different effects not only at different depths, but also in the space between the electrodes themselves. Due to the fact that the impedance of the stratum corneum of dry is greater than of the deeper skin layers, RF-power passed through the electrodes themselves (as with monopolar one), causing in the first place, the ablation. In deeper layers of tissue (the lower layer of the epidermis and dermis) impedance is lower as the tissue is saturated with water and electrolytes. Therefore, here RF energy passes between the electrodes (as in bipolar RF), creating the widely dispersed effect in the form of coagulation / necrosis with little tissue ablation. In connection with the absorption and dissipation of energy, the zones of irreversible RF effect (i.e. ablation or coagulation/necrosis) surrounded by areas of tissue subjected only partial coagulation/necrosis, sub necrosis or stimulation. Furthermore, in the deeper skin layers the zone of the temporary heat exposure occurs, but RF-energy density does not reach the amount required for the occurrence of other biological effects. Matrix-RF is also used for the microdermabrasion – so the procedure is also called “resurfacing of the face”, during which removes dead skin cells. It accelerates the skin regeneration and quick update, thus preserving juvenile appearance.

It is found that the energy level and the percentage of the contact surface are the main factors of the skin texture improving: increased energy and/or reduction in the percentage of the contact surface to improve clinical results. Thus, this technology is superior to other technologies of the uniform skin surface ablation (like a laser or high frequency technologies) at which the exposed surface is exposed to the entire skin, resulting in prolonging the healing and slowing the onset of the desired effect. Clinical studies have shown that the use of Matrix-RF applicator is safe for almost all skin types and leads to a significant improvement of the skin which becomes smooth, elastic, light and wrinkle free. Moreover, Matrix-RF is effective as fractional photothermolysis technology, but the first is easier to use.

Effect of treatment

The effect is noticeable just after the first treatment. It lasts for two days. RF face-lifting is done by natural reduction of collagen fibers in the skin tissues by heating. Long-term effect appears later usually after 3 to 4 weeks. Depending on the personal features and the number of sessions performed, the result will appear faster or slower. The average area of ​​the skin is reduced by about 10-20%. The skin becomes more supple, radiant and healthy.


• Pacemaker or internal defibrillator;
• Specific metals or implants in the treatment area;
• History of skin cancer or current cancer or precancerous conditions;
• Any localization of the cancer process in history;
• Presence of serious diseases, including heart disease;
• Pregnancy or lactation;
• Weakened immune system due to immunosuppressive diseases such as AIDS and HIV, or the use of immunosuppressive drugs;
• History of skin disease, keloids and too long healing of wound, as dry and rough skin – face-lifting or smoothing during the existence of this skin condition is not recommended;
• Bleeding and coagulopathy history, or the use of anticoagulants;
• Intensely tanned skin, tanning cream or lotion usage during 1.5 weeks before the start of treatment;
• Before recommending RF face-lifting the attending physician must consider and avoid to create any conditions during the treatment that may reduce the safety of the treatment.