Hyaluronic acid

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Skin bio-revitalization is the one of the most effective anti-aging techniques. It is non-invasive technique that does not require extensive training and rehabilitation period, as opposed to plastic surgery. This technique is not only safe bio-revitalization, but also ensures very good results, since can fight with multiple signs of aging simultaneously. Bio-revitalization slows the aging process of the skin and prolong youth.
The term “bio-revitalization” is relatively recent. This word literally means “return to the natural way of life”. Its specifics define the name of the procedure. Bio-revitalization of skin is not surgery. The essence of this procedure is to encourage the skin to a natural process of renewal and regeneration, which eventually leads to rejuvenation.
Bio-revitalization is the procedure of special skin preparation which creates the building blocks of new cells and ensures the factors of their growth. Also it provides natural hydration of the skin. The drug, hyaluronic acid, positively influences on skin cells from within, working in the deep layers of the skin tissue. The injection can influence those layers of tissues that are not available for cosmetic creams and other similar means.

Amazing hyaluronic acid

Bio-revitalization on a base of the hyaluronic acid is a technique based on the unique properties of this drug. Hyaluronic acid interacts with skin tissues at the cellular level, and launches the regeneration process. For injection used cross-linked or crossed hyaluronic acid. This drug stays in the deeper layers of the tissues for a long time, thus increasing the efficiency of the injection.
Hyaluronic acid can have a similar effect because it is part of the intercellular substance of the skin tissue. This component is responsible for the moisture content level in tissues. The moisture balance in the skin cells depends on it. With age, the hyaluronic acid amount in the human body gradually decreases, and as a consequence, the skin becomes dry and the moisture deficiency leads to loss of elasticity, sagging and wrinkling.
Bio-revitalization by the hyaluronic acid allows to remedy the lack of substance in the intercellular space and to provide an adequate level of moisture in the deeper tissues of the skin.
Bio-revitalization efficiency confirmed by practice: the structure of the skin improves; it becomes more dense and moist, smooth and supple, and, of course, loses all signs of wrinkles. Due to the fact that the drug is injected directly into the skin, the bio-revitalization technology leaves behind all kinds of competition cosmetics that act only on the surface. Such cosmetic techniques have only a limited effect, since their action comes to end before the active ingredients accesses the deep layers of the skin. That’s why bio-revitalization is able to demonstrate much more noticeable results in a short time.
Bio-revitalization in full restores skin tone, elasticity and color; protects the skin from free radicals for enough long time.
The drug is selected in advance in strong accordance with the individual rehabilitation plan. Whether you are hypersensitive to any components of the product (if it is not active substance) we can easily pick up analogue. At your choice:
• Beautelle;
• LG;
• Aquashine;

Bio-revitalization by hyaluronic acid is carried out step by step. The procedure has some contraindications, so it cannot be carried out without doctor consulting. In addition, only a professional can properly determine the necessary dosage and the number of injections to be done to achieve optimal results. Usually it takes to conduct two sessions with an interval of three to four weeks. Such preventive course allows moisture to fill the balance of the skin and help your skin to regenerate on its own for some time. Medical bio-revitalization is performed when the wrinkles have already appeared. In this case, it will take more time to get visible results, and you also need a greater number of injections. However, about 95% of all persons who have tried this technique, have noted the positive result.