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Modern woman cares not only about the beauty of his face and body. External appeal of the intimate zones disappears over the years. It is a problem that the beautiful sex is concerned about. Intimate contouring will help to solve the delicate problem.
Perineal injury, childbirth, sudden weight loss are the causes of the weakening of the skin elasticity in intimate zones. Labia deform and the sexual experiences lose their former sharpness. But your desire to continue being desirable and attractive for your beloved nevertheless exists.
Correction of the labia eliminates discomfort and restores former elasticity of the intimate organs. You will regain confidence in the perfectness of your own body, and increase your self-assurance!
Contouring is the procedure, which invented recently. It should be noted that in the short period it gain the wide popularity in many women.
The large size of the labia minora brings discomfort in sexual relations. In addition, the intimate zone looks, to say the least, unattractive. Correction of the labia will eliminate this problem without surgery. The injection technique will return attractiveness to your genitals!
Intimate contour correction has a lot of advantages over surgical intervention. The absence of anesthesia, maintaining skin tissue and the shortest period of rehabilitation are the factors that determine the choice in favor of non-surgical plastic. Seductive labia will look neater. The resulting cosmetic effect will please you for years now!

3D-Matrix technology – intimate zones rejuvenation
Injection of the hyaluronic acid preparation fills the volume of soft tissue of the urogenital region, improves sexual satisfaction and helps to get rid of sexual disorders both of women and men.
Hyaluronic acid is a biopolymer named glycosaminoglycan, being indispensable component of the tissue. It binds water and hydrated polymers of high density, and fills in the intracellular space. Through the years, the amount of hyaluronic acid in tissue decreases progressively, thus leading to its dehydration and shrinkage.
Zones of hyaluronic acid injection:
• Labia majora and minora (volume increase, shape correction, lost volume restoring, hydration, body toning, correction of age changes);
• Age and postpartum involutional changes (decrease of vaginal moisturizing and body toning).


• Women with decreased libido;
• Women who do not receive or have lost, for whatever reasons, the ability to get a vaginal orgasm;
• The age involutional changes of the labia and vaginal walls.

The main positive effects

• Achievement of vaginal orgasm for all patients;
• Women who have not experienced an orgasm before, receives the first vaginal orgasm;
• Women who experienced an orgasm before, get an extra feeling;
• Women experience more frequent and stronger orgasms.

Long-term effects

• Increased libido;
• Increasing the number of sexual acts;
• Increased self-esteem;
• Psychological comfort;
• Improving the degree of moistening of the mucous genitals;
• Increased muscle tone pelvic area;


• No antigenic properties;
• Does not toxic;
• Does not migrate;
• Does not cause inflammation;
• Slowly absorbing;
• Biocompatible.

The procedure is conducted in a beauty parlor under local anesthesia; it is time-efficient and painless.
The duration of the effect of the intimate areas rejuvenating lasts 8-12 months.