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Weight loss and figure correction

Those who eventually decided to reduce their weight cannot do this without the help of various hardware techniques designed for correction. If you keep a diet, then for a short time, you can lose a drastic number of kilograms. But it is necessary to take into consideration that the first areas in which adipose tissue decreased early are not the thigh or abdomen, but chest, neck and face.
However, when you use the vacuum-roller massage to improve blood circulation selectively, that is, in those areas where a hardly pick out fat is, it is possible to achieve weight loss firstly from those zones that contain redundant fat cells, and in the last instance to the chest and face area. In addition, the significant weight loss may be accompanied by a variety of sagging skin and reducing its the elasticity and tone. It is vacuum-roller massage that enhances contractility of the skin and helps, also, to mitigate the effects of any diet.


The vacuum-roller massage is the most effective technique for the weight loss and body shaping. Also it is used for eliminating the “orange peel”, as well for fighting with the cellulite appearances in different zones. Roller massage slightly irritates the skin, and improves the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients, lymph and blood circulation, and metabolism.
The most unique feature of the procedure is not only the fight against cellulite, but also the strengthening of the skin, which becomes denser, smooth, as it reduces the area of ​​flabby and stretched surface.
It should also take into consideration the effect of a powerful lymphatic drainage, which creates a vacuum-roller massage, which leads to the removal the toxins from the subcutaneous fat and skin, thus accelerating the metabolism and blood circulation.
Roller massage also activates the production of collagen and elastin, increases the number of fibroblasts, improves the tone of the outer skin layers, which makes them more toned, elastic, tight and elastic.
This combined effect of the vacuum-roller massage far surpasses any manual massage techniques that have been used previously for body correction and against cellulite.
Massage creates a mechanical effect on the muscles, which increases their tone, thus acting as  mechanical lift. Rollers that are on the edges of the working surface of maniples make it possible to mitigate the slide when broken cellulite bumps.
Only one course can remove the “orange peel” and form harmonious silhouette, to make skin supple, toned and healthy.

Advantages of the vacuum-roller massage:

• Ability to combine different techniques of influence;
• Visible effect that appears after the very first session;
• Extremely resistant effect appears after 3-4 minutes the procedure;
• Help in the fight against cellulite from the 1st to the 4th stage, starting from the surface and ending long-standing fibrous cellulite, to cope with various techniques of influence are used.

Vacuum forms a skin fold that rolls toward the movement maniples. This double effect leads to the fact that there is a temporary extension of lymphatic and venous blood vessels, causing improving the lymph outflow from the tissue. Thanking to this fluid and toxins exhilaration accelerates from the intercellular space, which promotes their advancement towards the lymph nodes. Additional tissue oxygenation activates the lipolysis process.

Procedure workflow

Carrying out the vacuum-roller massage effectively impacts on the various problem areas using a special technique, which is a combination of influences of mechanical roller massage and vacuum.
Duration: 25 minutes. Procedures are carried out every 2-3 days. The recommended course consists of 10 sessions.


• Overweight;
• Local fat deposits;
• Cellulite.


• Pregnancy;
• Circulatory system problems, in particular, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis;
• Chronic cardiovascular diseases in the severe form;
• Cancer;
• High blood pressure (hypertension);
• Presence of acute upper respiratory infection;
• Inflammatory skin diseases;
• Menstruation period;
• Chronic diseases in the acute stage.