Professional cosmetology clinic «Symphony of beauty» is a new ultramodern medical institution. Exclusive procedures, luxurious care, injection and apparatus methods of the rejuvenation, SPA-procedures, programs for excess weight removal and cellulite treatment, massages – all this will make your beauty more glaring and perfect!

Special programs have been developed in order to help you maintain an ideal appearance. Taking into account the client’s age and skin condition our dermatologists will recommend optimum procedures and daily care means. Our doctors give patients full and objective information suggesting specific ways to achieve the desired effect.
You will feel the advantages of complex approach in solving beauty and health problems only in our Clinic.

Our specialists use only checked reliable technologies and methods as well as modern achievements of professional cosmetology confirmed by multiple clinical tests. All medications and cosmetic agents used at the clinic have high quality and are officially allowed to be used.

We are rightly proud of the specialists working in our clinic- they are the best in the field of cosmetology and rehabilitation! All our doctors are very experienced, they constantly master new methods and improve their professional skills which can be proved by their diplomas and certificates.

Мы по праву гордимся своими специалистами – лучшими в области косметологии и реабилитации! Все врачи клиники имеют большой опыт работы, высокую квалификацию, регулярно осваивают новые методики, проходят курсы повышения квалификации, о чем свидетельствуют многочисленные дипломы.

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