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Reliability and efficiency

Despite the emergence of a wide variety of techniques and constant improvement of skin rejuvenation, mesotherapy is still one of the most secure, fast and effective techniques that can work on problem skin. The reliability and efficiency of this technique is not only well known, but also make it quite popular.
Subcutaneous injections of microscopic doses of various medications have always been and still have a number of advantages. Firstly, mesotherapy can easily penetrate the inner skin layers and deliver the drugs directly into the extracellular tissue space. Secondly, during the procedure the possibility of dose correction exists. Thirdly, the result of mechanical action on the skin always obvious and easily predicted in terms of time. And fourthly, the drugs can be administered on rather different backgrounds: from traditional to the nanotechnology-based ones.
Basically, all techniques are aimed to enhancing the metabolism of the skin, to therapeutic effect due to the action of vitamins administered, as well as to the stimulation of biologically active points of the skin and reflex zones.
Currently, there are two main techniques of drug administration: manual and hardware controlled. A more accurate and considerate is manual technique. It allows treating the most delicate areas of the skin: eyelids, neck, décolleté area and hands. However, in comparison with hardware, it is less comfortable.
A hardware technique of drug administration is carried out by special electronic gun. All injections are made with the help of disposable syringes with special needles.

Indications for mesotherapy can be very different. They include both the need for easy correction of the exterior and the solution of serious health problems, including:
• Prevention of skin aging;
• Correction of aging changes and skin blemishes;
• Preparation for plastic surgery;
• Treatment of acne;
• Treatment of alopecia (hair loss);
• Treatment of stretch marks and scars: atrophic, hypertrophic, keloid;
• Correction of body fat, eliminate cellulite.

Just one advantage of this technique is that it can be used locally to work precisely on the problem areas, achieving a significant effect. Mesotherapy for body is rather effective at any age. Depending on the individual patient the duration of the procedure and the required number of sessions are determined by your doctor.
There are also contraindications for the procedure, so you should consult with your doctor. Mesotherapy for body is not carried out in case of cancer (in history or current malignant neoplasms), any blood disorders, in particular, coagulation disorders and diabetes. The procedure will have to be postponed if the patient has any infectious disease. Also mesotherapy is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.