Microneedle fractional RF

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Fractora tip (BodyTite device) is designed for minimal invasion procedures on the face, neck and neckline areas; as a result of exposure to RF (radio frequency) occurs fractional resurfacing, ablation, coagulation and sub-necrotic heating of tissues. The goal of treatment is reducing wrinkles on the face, neck, neckline, scars inversion (for instance, post-acne scars), epidermal pigmentation, superficial telangiectasis (vascular and capillary network) on the face, skin texture improving, rejuvenation.
Fractora uses bipolar RF-energy that passes through the number of needle electrodes, arranged on two different disposable nozzles. Nozzle contains 20 electrodes, used mainly for the treatment of upper and lower eyelids, individual scars processing and facial telangiectasia. A nozzle of 60 electrodes is used to broader areas processing.

• Before the procedure, cosmetologist applies local anesthetic (for instance, EMLA 5-18%) for skin cleansing for 30-40 minutes before the procedure. Sometimes certain special anesthesia or nerve blockage might be necessary;
• Before procedure your face is cleansing with tonic and alcohol wipes;
• After selecting the power and type of nozzle, a specialist starts the treatment, the procedure will depend on the treatment area, usually about 10-20 minutes.

RF lifting has an effective impact on the deeper layers of the skin due to the peculiarities of the radio waves. Modern devices allow doctor to monitor the patient carefully during the procedure. In particular, the nozzle applicator temperature is controlled to avoid skin overheating and scalds. Also the state of the subcutaneous fat is controlled. This is possible by the targeted impact of high-frequency electric field.

Typically, a particular temperature generated during the RF lifting procedure targeted at stimulating the basic skin cells developing, so called fibroblasts. Therefore, this procedure has several advantages over other hardware rejuvenation techniques, which are widely used today in aesthetic medicine. One of the main differences of this technology is that not epidermal tissue are heated by external sources of heat, but the deep tissue of the skin, which is possible due to the heat transfer process between the upper layer of the dermis and the nozzle applicator. Muscle tissue being not heated at all. So what are the advantages? Firstly, the procedure has no effect on mimicry, unlike many other mechanical procedures and the more plastic surgery. However, radio frequency lifts up the target tissue – it returns the youth to your skin, visibly pulling her, removing wrinkles, restoring facial contours elasticity and healthy appearance.
The procedure is absolutely painless or even discomfort for the patient. Effect of treatment is no less significant than the surgical invasion, while RF lifting much safer for the health and does not require extensive training and rehabilitation period, as well as anesthesia.
Before the procedure it is necessary to remove contact lenses, if any. In addition, during the first days after the procedure is not recommended to overheat the skin, visit sauna, steam room or solarium, stay out on the sun and exercise.

After the procedure there are swelling and erythema, as well point incisures left by the electrodes and visible on the skin surface. Small crusting appears after 1-3 days after the procedure, which may persist for several days.
In the course of the procedure you can feel tingling that is so slight that not the all patients could notice.

Procedure has a number of inconveniences:
• During the 48 hours is not recommended to visit sauna, steam room, swimming pool, as well as to take thermal treatments;
• Moisturize the skin, not earlier than 12 hours after the procedure;
• Swelling may persist for 3-4 days and fully resolved in 5-7 days.

The course of treatment may include 1 to 3 sessions with 4 to 6 week intervals, depending on the intensity settings used in the procedure.
Fractora procedure can be combined with other treatments: Elos Plus rejuvenation, peeling, mesotherapy, contour plasty, cosmetic treatments.