Pressure therapy

07.08.2015 0 By symphony

Pressure therapy is an effective technique to combat cellulite and reduce the body volumes!
Apparatus has a built-in measuring blood pressure tool. Depending on the existing human pressure apparatus automatically selects the amount of air injected during the procedure. With this apparatus it is possible to conduct multiple personalized treatment programs.
In particular, the device can advantageously be applied in the following cases:
• Stimulation of venous and lymphatic circulation;
• Prevention of varicose veins in the starting phase (heaviness and fatigue in the legs, swelling of the legs, fluid retention);
• Cellulite;
• Obesity;
• Static venous edema;
• Post-operative swelling and post-traumatic edema;
• For improving the nutrition of the skin and returning it elasticity;
• For restoration of blood flow after plastic surgery;
• After liposuction;
• For prevention of thrombosis in bed rest;
• For total detoxification of the body.

Procedure description

Apparatus for pressure therapy is a costume that consists of pants and jacket. Pressure therapy affects the lymphatic system by compressed air supplied through a special suit. The computer manages the amount of air. This massage can get rid of edema, significantly reduces the volume of the body, as it makes active lymphatic drainage, which provides the movement of lymph through consistent rhythmic stimulation of muscles.
Pressure therapy provides excretion of stagnant fluids, toxins and decomposition products of fats and contributes to a more uniform distribution of fluid in the body, improves the figure by pulling the body, aligning the skin surface and increasing muscle tone.
Pressure therapy activates the cell receptors responsible for the burning of fat. Apparatus for pressure therapy provides a kind of “squeezing out massage” performed not manually, but by special equipment that acts by changing the density and permeability of tissues. This technique due to its specificity today is the one of the most effective ways to combat cellulite. Also this procedure is very effective for varicose veins. The technique in the initial stage of varicose disease can prevent its development and reduce the probability of the necessity of surgical intervention in the future.
One procedure performed by the apparatus successfully replaces 20-30 sessions of manual massage. Unit mimics muscle contractions. During the procedure the patient feels full relaxation, because there is relaxing effect as well. This procedure allows you to relax, relieve accumulated tension. The muscles relaxe, and your skin becomes more elastic.
The positive effects can be seen right after the first procedure. Reduction is observed throughout the course of the procedure – it is largely distinguishes this apparatus from his peers. We strongly recommend measuring the volume of our body before and after session. You will be glad that there is drainage effect (after procedure urination will be more frequent) and centimeters decrease (an average of 1 cm for the session). Also, there is an increasing of skin elasticity, reducing the “orange peel” on problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. The patient feels fresh and rested; with the improved mood, and a feeling of lightness and vigor.
At the same time the results have not gone as quickly as it had appeared. The effect of the procedure lasts for years. The more treatments the patient passes, the more visible becomes the result. You smooth taut and toned skin will have fresh color; and drastic decrease of cellulite signs – those are the results of applying this technique.
Pressure therapy usually involves 8-12 sessions to be carried out on average every 2-3 days. If it is the case, a second set of procedures can be appointed not earlier than after 5-6 months.