Report: Tour of equipment

20.03.2019 0 By symphony
Report: Tour of equipment

Our clinic selects only the best equipment, and so I was sent to the intelligence, training and selection of devices for Symphony of Beauty clinic in Phuket

It was a hard trip, a lot of flights, mostly nocturnal, strange hotels, and few English speaking Asians.

I first arrived in Seoul, where I was kindly met Mr. Paul Cho. I am very grateful for the hospitality, excellent organization of my training. The company is a division of AMT Samsung- quality of their beauty aids amazing! I have trained specifically in their oborudovanii- carbon CO2 laser, Photo (such as IPL), factional RF lifting (needleless and needle), HIFU (Altera) diode laser for hair removal, NdYag, KTP vascular laser.

I am familiar with American and Israeli lasers. Korean counterparts did not concede, and many much more efficient! for us as an important factor, the possibility of rapid delivery of spare parts and technical support as well as the flow of patients to the beauty treatments we have more service of lasers should be quick.

In addition to the business program, our Korean colleagues well walked me through Seoul, Gangnam area I liked.

Next, Beijing, and a few days trips to factories and production. In Beijing, there are several companies that make the machines for the famous Italian, American and Australian brands. Here’s to them I pay a visit! Mostly liked … but there were such places, which are best forgotten, trembling takes that someone produces such lasers… Every day, a new company, new vehicles, training. Just walked around Beijing, visited the restaurant with a real Chinese food — delicious! Now I am looking for a decent Chinese restaurant in Phuket ..

Many thanks to all who have met me, rolled, translated, taught! it is an invaluable experience for me, and now I’m going to come back often!

Larionovа Natalia, doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist