18  september 2018

Irina Krupochkina

Yesterday, September 17 has been in the Symphony beauty clinic on the procedures by Nataly. Salon is equipped with the latest technology for cosmetic procedures. The design and comfort of the clinic above all praise. Thank you for being such a beauty appeared in Phuket.

6 september 2018

Taya Kopchenko

Really liked the sugar epilation. The island has few professionals who do shugaring, and I for bikini suits just that, so I immediately turned to the friendly and lovely girls from «Symphony of beauty». And I do not regret! Vasilisa professional, very accurately and quickly made all while managing to maintain a pleasant easy conversation to distract from sometimes painful sensations. Be sure to go further and bring all the bridesmaids!) Thank you!

14 august 2018

Irine Antonenko

My friends, it is very great beauty clinic. Everything very professional, starting with equipment and materials, cozy and polite. The purity and sterility. I recommend. Yesterday I made a correction of eyebrows, everything went great. And this morning, there were no external nuisance) Thank you, Vasilisa Mikhailova and Joanna Gudkina! Now my eyebrows like a young “Gyulchitay” 🍒

12 june 2018

Berezova Ilina

Thank you for good service. Nice to see the affable and smiling administrator. In clinic works very well qualified specialists. Always a pleasant mood after visiting the clinic “Symphony”. Thank you very much!

19 june 2018

Elena Sheveleva

Recently I heard about the appearance in the city of the latest equipment and decided on the procedure of laser hair removal. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised! During the procedure, the skin a pleasant chill runs through which the procedure is almost painless. And the effect is stunning! After 5 treatments hairs virtually ceased to grow, we were isolated instances that I “dobyu” single flash! Today I can confidently recommend the procedure of laser hair removal in the Symphony! It’s so convenient, do not think every day about depilation and resolve this issue once and for all!

24 june 2018

Viktoriya Grishko

Quite a long time I was tormented by an aesthetic flaw that had to mask the foundation – vascular grid. I tried to get rid of the blood vessels in different clinics in different equipment, but had no effect – a vessel crusted, crust disappears, and under it … all the same vessel! Symphony my savior! From the first time my blood vessels narrowed by half, and the second procedure – disappeared completely! I would recommend.

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